My profession in childcare began during my studies when I worked as a camp counsellor in the USA. In 2005 I started working in a private nursery in London and since then my career has developed until, in 2015, I was appointed manager of Berinsfield Early Years Pre-School.

I am a qualified teacher as well as Early Years Professional and have a master’s degree in pedagogics in early education. I am also a safeguarding designated lead.

I love working with children, and, I take pleasure in seeing them flourish at our pre-school. 

I am lucky to have a fantastic team with very low staff turnover and together we were awarded ‘Good’ in the last two OFSTED inspections.

I am qualified nursery nurse with NVQ3 and I've been working in childcare for 18 years now. I am a deputy manager and a safeguarding deputy designated lead. I developed my role as SEN Co-Ordinator. As SENCO I make sure that children are supported if they need extra help and they get guidance from staff and other professionals. 

Sue Bainbridge

Chair of committee

I started working in Berinsfield Pre-School in 2010 as a qualified nursery nurse with an NVQ3 and 22 years of experience in childcare.

I love working with children, especially the younger ones, when I prepare and carry out “Treasure Trove” activities with them. During this activity I encourage sharing, taking turns, listening and speaking, and, confidence.  

I really enjoy messy play, arts & crafts and helping children being creative.

I am a qualified nursery nurse with NVQ3 and I’ve worked in childcare for over 20 years. I began working in Berinsfield Pre-School 15 years ago. I prepare and carry out the “Spirals” group.

I feel very passionate about my role and believe that every child deserves to be listened to, supported, and feel valued in everything they do.