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During this time we carry out activities associated with Easter. Here are a few ideas that the pre-schoolers could do at home. Please send us photos of your creations/activities you've done to our e-mail address ( If you write in your e-mail that it is ok to publish your photos we will do so and they will be seen in our  website's photos. 

  • People often celebrate Easter by eating chocolate or buns and cakes. Try making a sweet treat to share with your family.
  • Try making a model basket to hold some Easter treats! You could use an empty cardboard box and decorate it with paints or colourful Easter pictures. 
  • At Easter time lots of flowers start growing in the ground and on the trees. When you go for a walk (remembering all the safety measures), see what flowers and plants you can see growing.
  • Egg starts with the letter "e". What else starts with this letter? Ask an adult to write a list of other things starting with this letter. How many things can you think of?
  • If there are 10 eggs in a basket and then 5 get eaten, how many would be left in the basket? You could use your fingers or draw a picture to help you.
  • Decorate a picture of an egg. You could ask an adult to decorate it with various 2D shapes and then colour them in and name them. 
  • Draw or paint an Easter picture-you could draw some Easter eggs, flowers, chicks or even the Easter bunny!
  • Have an Easter egg hunt! Ask a grown-up to hide some Easter eggs for you to find. How many eggs can you find? Can you count all the eggs by saying one number name to each egg?
  • Try some planting activities. You could plant some seeds in a flowerpot filled with soil. Make sure to give them some water and put them somewhere sunny.
  • Decorate some hard-boiled eggs to make them bright and colourful.You could use pens or paints and add some extra decorations, such as stickers, feathers, pom-poms or googly eyes. 
  • Share a favourite storybook with a grown-up.

  We hope you'll find these ideas useful. Please remember to share photos of your creations/activities with us!

        Have fun, take care and keep safe!



      Lots of people are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the situation we find ourselves all in. Please note, that we are in an unprecedented emergency situation impacting the whole world. Home schooling is a choice and you can be your child's teacher in whatever form you choose. If you decide that your child isn't going to engage with anything that we have prepared and is going to spend the entire period playing in the garden, or baking, or watching TV, that is your choice. There is nothing to stress or feel guilty about. 

       At the pre-school's stage of learning the most important skills that pre-schooler can get is their readiness for 'a big school'. As we have written before in our newsletter, please try to practice the following things so your child can be ready as they can be for their primary school:

 ✓ Recognise their name- (You could play a treasure hunting game with your child by hiding their name on small pieces of paper around the house),

✓ Have an interest in reading- (You could share stories and rhymes with your child at home. You could also consider reading books about starting school),

✓ Understand spoken instructions- (You could play ‘Simon Says!’ game),

✓ Verbally count and touch count (one number name to an object)- (You could practice counting on or back from 20 and use any opportunity for children to practise counting skills-e.g. counting people passing by down the street or fruit in a bowl),

✓ Talk about shapes- (You could go on a shape hunt, talking about the shape and size of windows, signs, etc.), 

✓ Begin to recognise some numbers- (You could go on a number hunt by looking at numbers in environment, e. g. find their house number or their age number on buses or cars registration plates),

✓ Put on their own coat or shoes (if Velcro)-(e.g. button and unbutton own shirt& use a zip, putting own shoes and socks on, changing into PE kit)- Independence is extremely important when your child first starts, so please give your child as many opportunities as you can to be independent,


✓ Children learn to write through developing their fine motor skills and by building strength in their fingers- (You can practise this by making snips in paper with scissors, playing with playdough and stacking Lego bricks, making string necklaces with pasta or beads, etc.,

✓ Self care: (eating: using knife and fork, opening packed lunch on their own and opening wrappers and packaging; knowing when to wash hands, wiping own nose, asking for help if they don’t feel well; going to the toilet on their own, wiping themselves properly & flush, washing and drying own hands without any help),

✓ Routines (practising putting on own uniform & getting ready to leave on time; having a good bedtime routine so the child is not feeling tired for school; learning to eat at the times they will on school days).  These are just a few things you could try. The more practise children have with these skills both at pre-school and at home, the more ready your child will be!

Resources links 1

I'm posting links to various websites so you can can get resources needed for your home schooling, if you wish to do any learning at home:   (username:march20, password: home)

  YouTube Channels:

-Crash Course Kids

-Science Channel

-SciShow Kids

-National Geographic Kids

-Free schoo

l -Geography Focus



-Kids Learning Tube

-Geeek Likes Science

-Mike Likes Science

-Science Max SoulPancake

  Also if you are on Facebook there is a group page called "Plan c" and there are other ideas there.   

Twinkl is offering every teacher in England access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. We’re also extending this to every parent and carer in your school so your pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


January 2020 Newsletter

Fundraising Halloween raffle 2019

    This year we have organised a raffle during Halloween time. Thanx to a generosity of many companies (especially #Hexagon in Reading that donated 4 tickets for "Cinderella" pantomime), we managed to fundraise £176.00!!! Amazing! We are going to use the money to upgrade pre-school's garden. Thank you everybody who participated and supported us! It's much appreciated!!!!

School term dates 2019/2020

Easter bonnet competition

       We would like to thank everybody who participated in our Easter bonnet competition. All the hats were amazing and it was very difficult to choose winners. 

Down Syndrome Day/Odd socks day

Thank you all who contributed to Down's Syndrome Oxford. We fundraised £15.00. 





Down Syndrome Day

Dear Parents/Carers,      

        Tomorrow (Thursday 21st March) is Down Syndrome Day and we would like to support this cause by donating £1.00 and wearing funny or odd socks tomorrow. Sorry for the short notice. Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing children wearing funny/odd socks tomorrow!                                       


March 2019 newsletter