Berinsfield pre-school news

Term 1 2020

 Our preschoolers were very busy. We planned and carried out lots of activities to cover all areas of learning, for example:

   We were talking about ourselves. We were looking at the mirror and were describing the colour of our eyes and hair. Then we drew ourselves on a silhouette: we placed facial parts in the correct places and we used the correct colours to match our eyes and hair. 

    We were also talking about our oral hygiene. We separated food items into two categories: healthy and unhealthy and we understood that the healthy food make our teeth happy and the unhealthy food make our teeth sad. We looked at a demonstration how to clean our teeth and we also had a go at cleaning pictures of teeth using a toothbrush. 

   We asked the children if they could draw around a plate. We then asked them to cut the circle (with adult supervision). When they had finished, we asked them what their favourite food was. When they had told us, we asked them to draw or colour it. They all done a fantastic job.

   Children we also asked if they could be the hungry caterpillars amd thread through the holes on our leaves. All the children did a fantastic job and only had some help to start the threading.

  One of our literacy activities were drumming activities when we used "Boogie Mites" programme to practice rhythm in a spoken word. Preschoolers were drumming to the rhythm, practiced banging 1,2,3 or 4- syllable words and had a go at checking how many beats their name had. 

  Another activity that we done this term was practising recognising our names, trace over our names and also copy them. We also practised holding our pencils correctly using a tripod grip (between a thumb and two fingers). All the children were trying very hard and did a magnificent job!

Sanitation by electrostatic gun



Dear Parents/Carers,

Today was the last day of the academic year 2019/2020. We had our  pre-school deep cleaned. All the surfaces, equipment and toys inside and outside were sanitised by electrostatic gun. Please find attached pictures of the process: 



homelearning Term 6 2020

We would like to add two new links to give you extra ideas that your children may like to do at home. If you would like to send us more pictures of any of the activities that you have done at home, we would be very happy to publish your pictures on our website.Thank you!

Pre-school's new term dates for the academic year 2020/2021

"Summer"-activity ideas to do at home

One of the topics we will be using this term is "Summer" to introduce pre-schoolers to different areas of learning. If your child wouldn't be attending the pre-school just yet, here are a few ideas you can try at home:

  • During the summer it is nice to cool down our drinks with ice cubes. make some ice at home; your child can draw some pictures to tell us how you did it. And why don't you share it with us by sending them to us via e-mail so everybody can admire them on our website?
  • When you are playing outside,ask your child to look at their shadow. Is it as big as them or smaller? Is it always the same size? Does it always follow them or does it sometimes move in front of them? Let the child find out as much as they can, and the parent can write us an e-mail and told us about it.
  • Make different kinds of ice lollies. They can be easily made in small yoghurt or fromage frais pots.Fill the pot about three quarters full with fruit juice/ or whisk 100ml sweetened condense milk with 400ml fresh semi skimmed milk (not whole as lolly will crystalise)/or mix fromage fraise with little milk. Cut a card circle which is just large enough to cover the pot. Make a slit in the circle and push lolly stick through it. Once the lolly is frozen the card can be removed from the lolly stick. Ask your child what happened to the lolly.
  • Practise cutting skills- draw a dotted line on a piece of paper and help your child cut the paper along the dotted line, there are also examples on Twinkl website,
  • Ask your child if they can think of 5 words that start with a particular sound, i.e. 's' for summer. They may then draw a picture of each one.
  • Clapping syllables game- How many claps in a particular word? For example: mon-key=2 claps, te-le-phone=3 claps.
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of a flower with 8 petals. Colour 4 petals red. How many petals have they got left? They can choose another colour for these petals.
  •  Place a piece of paper in the garden, place a few toys on its edge and ask your child to draw round toys' shadows.
  • Decorate penne pasta and make a necklace.
  • Practise positional language-describing where a toy is: i.e. ON  a chair, UNDER the chair, IN FRONT OF the chair, BEHIND the chair, NEXT TO  the chair, IN a box, IN BETWEEN OF the chair and the box.
  •  Hot and cold game- looking for a hidden toy by saying "cold, colder" if the child is far away  from the hidden toy, or "warm, warmer, hotter, hot"-if they're close to the toy.
  •  Prepare and do an ice cream shop role play to practise language of money.
  • Talk to your child about how to stay safe in the sun.
  • Draw a picture of somewhere that you would like to spend a holiday. Let your child to use their imagination- it can be anywhere, real or imaginary!

                       Good luck and have fun!


A free on line show for 2-8 year olds

"Growing Minds" has shared a link with us to a free on line show for 2-8 year olds called "Little Tim and the brave sea captain". Enjoy!

Lockdown update from your homes.

   We would like to celebrate some of the amazing things that our pre-schoolers have created and done over the last couple of weeks.

   Blake has been drawing, painting, looking for snails and give them rides in his dumper truck, looking for leaves in the garden and then painted them. 

   Luke has been making dens, baking, splashing in puddles, lots of play in the garden, Easter egg hunting, colouring, singing, puzzles, helping daddy do gardening and washing the car and also has started potty training which is AMAZING!!! Well done Luke!

   Mazie has some wonderful news! She has become a big sister of baby Lilly! Mazie has been busy helping out with her new sibling!

    Philippa has been baking, making pizza, drawing, painting, making creations out of playdough, making Easter cards. 

    Sal has been tracing numbers, drawing, counting in the garden. 

    Please check our PHOTOS for all the wonderful pictures that some of the parents sent. Thank you very much for that!

"Spring and growth"- activity ideas to do at home

After Easter break we carry out activities associated with Spring and Growth. Here a few ideas you could do with your child at home:

  • During spring seeds begin to grow. In the story of "Jack and the beanstalk", Jack's bean grow into a magic beanstalk. Ask your child to tell the story or read the story together and encourage them to join in with repeated refrains.  You could even act the story out together.
  • You are in an ideal position to help your child develop an understanding of their growth. Talk about  trousers being 'too short' and shoes 'to small'. Encourage your child to notice how they are growing taller and able to do more things.
  • Make up a story about a boy or a girl who wouldn't stop growing or shrinking. Encourage your child to help you make up more adventures. 
  • You could introduce your child to syllables. Clap the beats in spring words (da-ffo-dil- 3 claps, ca-ter-pi-llar-4 claps). Encourage your child to try this in their name and family members names.
  • During spring lots of animals have their babies. Tell your child the names of these baby animals: duck, pig, sheep, cow and horse. 
  • Try growing some plants or flowers at home. You could try planting some seeds in a pot or in your garden. Remember to give  your seeds some water and put them in somewhere sunny. Cress seeds grow quite quickly. You could grow squash in a bottle. Once the squash plant in the vegetable plot has grown and small vegetables are visible, gently place one of the small squash, still attached to the plant, through the neck of a clear plastic bottle. The plant should grow very quickly inside its own miniature greenhouse. Once the squash is larger than the opening of the bottle, cut it and show it off to your friends. Can they tell how it got inside the bottle?
  • Make a weather chart to show what the spring weather is like. You could draw a picture of weather each day.
  • Try making a model of a flower with your child. You could use playdough, paper or card, construction toys, empty cardboard boxes and tubes or plastic tubs and pots. Ask your child how they could make the stem, the flower and the leaves. We would love to see any models you have made.
  • Go for a walk around a garden or park. Ask your child to look carefully to see what plants and flowers the can see growing. You can take some photos together or draw some pictures of the things you have seen. 
  • Fill a shallow tray with shaving foam mixed with food colouring. Can your child draw spring objects in it and tell you what they have drawn?
  • If you have a garden- have brushes and water available for your child to create imaginative drawings  or chalks to enable your child to draw spring spring flowers on the floor. 
  • Explore different ways of moving as represented by different spring events, activities and objects, e.g. jumping like a bunny, growing tall like a flower, skipping like a lamb, splashing in the puddles.
  • Give your child a raincoat, wellington boots and umbrellas for them to practise using independently.
  •  There are 10 seeds waiting to grow in a flowerpot. If 4 seeds start to grow, how many seeds would still be waiting to grow? Your child could use their fingers or draw a picture to help them. 
  • Collect a selection of spring themed objects (i.e. green leaves, flowers, toy farm animals,etc.) and use them with your child to compare quantities using mathematical language, inc. more, fewer, less and the same. 

We hope you'll find these ideas useful!

                                                    Have fun and keep safe!

Growing Minds project

We would like to let you know that our pre-school works in a partnership with Growing Minds project focusing on supporting under 5s school readiness. The project offers free support through i.e. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It is a 60 volume set of books, beginning with the children's classic "The tale of Peter Rabbit" for children aged 0-5. Each month a new, carefully selected book will arive by post in your child's name and be delivered directly to your home. Best of all is free. There is no cost or obligation to your family. 

     Please check the links below of how to sign up and ideas for activities and resources.

We're  also attaching the link for Goodnight with Dolly Parton :


During this time we carry out activities associated with Easter. Here are a few ideas that the pre-schoolers could do at home. Please send us photos of your creations/activities you've done to our e-mail address ( If you write in your e-mail that it is ok to publish your photos we will do so and they will be seen in our  website's photos. 

  • People often celebrate Easter by eating chocolate or buns and cakes. Try making a sweet treat to share with your family (i.e. chocolate rice krispie/chocolate cornflake nests).
  • Try making a model basket to hold some Easter treats! You could use an empty cardboard box and decorate it with paints or colourful Easter pictures. 
  • At Easter time lots of flowers start growing in the ground and on the trees. When you go for a walk (remembering all the safety measures), see what flowers and plants you can see growing.
  • Egg starts with the letter "e". What else starts with this letter? Ask an adult to write a list of other things starting with this letter. How many things can you think of?
  • If there are 10 eggs in a basket and then 5 get eaten, how many would be left in the basket? You could use your fingers or draw a picture to help you.
  • Decorate a picture of an egg. You could ask an adult to decorate it with various 2D shapes and then colour them in and name them. 
  • Draw or paint an Easter picture-you could draw some Easter eggs, flowers, chicks or even the Easter bunny!
  • Have an Easter egg hunt! Ask a grown-up to hide some Easter eggs for you to find. How many eggs can you find? Can you count all the eggs by saying one number name to each egg?
  • Try some planting activities. You could plant some seeds in a flowerpot filled with soil. Make sure to give them some water and put them somewhere sunny.
  • Decorate some hard-boiled eggs to make them bright and colourful.You could use pens or paints and add some extra decorations, such as stickers, feathers, pom-poms or googly eyes. 
  • With all the rainbows in the windows, you could add Easter eggs, chicks or Easter bunnies.
  • Share a favourite storybook with a grown-up.

  We hope you'll find these ideas useful. Please remember to share photos of your creations/activities with us!

        Have fun, take care and keep safe!